August 2023: Wildfire Safety

California is currently in the middle of wildfire season—a time when our state has historical seen seasonal occur
in California between the months of
May and October, with the latter half
of these months posing the greatest
risk for fires. As agricultural work often
involves spending long hours outdoors,
farmworkers experience an especially
heightened risk of exposure to the
harmful effects of wildfires and wildfire
smoke. To counteract this, the State of
California has created informational
tools, regulations and laws to help
workers stay healthy and safe during
wildfire season.
Steps You Can Take
The following are precautionary
actions you can take to keep yourself
safe during wildfire season:
Check the AQI The Air Quality
Index (AQI) tells you how safe the air
outside is to breathe by measuring air
pollution on a scale from 0 (good) to
500 (hazardous). Wildfires send fine
particles in the air, which can cause
health issues such as reduced lung
function, worsening asthma and other
existing heart and lung conditions,
coughing, wheezing and difficulty
breathing. During wildfire season, it is
important to check the AQI regularly
to see if there are any precautions
you should take to avoid breathing in
unhealthy air. In the state of California,
farmers are required to provide

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California is currently in the middle of wildfire season—a time when
our state has historically seen the greatest number of wildfires due to
seasonal high temperatures and drought exacerbated by climate change.

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