Supportive Services

La Cooperativa’s Member agencies administer a range of programs to improve quality of life and increase self-sufficiency for farm workers and their families. Member agencies may not offer all supportive services, but will assist clients with locating the desired services and obtaining a local referral.

Housing Services

Member agencies coordinate many forms of housing assistance, including seasonal and year-round housing centers, payment aid, and hotel vouchers. Some agencies and counties offer dormitory-style housing with meals included, while others rent single-family dwellings.

Food Services

Farm workers and their families often qualify for government sustenance programs, such as SNAP. Member agencies can help families through the applications process to access this assistance.

Additionally, community pantries provide direct access to food and often offer additional nutritional assistance for emergency and disaster situations.


Families with working parents can qualify for free or reduced-price childcare at member agency-operated facilities.

Energy Assistance and Weatherization

Programs operated in conjunction with regional power providers help farm worker families to arrange affordable access to electricity and gas. Often, these programs include free consultations and services to improve energy efficiency and lower power bills. Specialists are available to assess homes and install energy-saving window covers, bulbs, and other amenities.

Disability Services

Member agencies serve the needs of clients with disabilities by offering tailored training and job placement services. Some centers also provide community activities, transportation, and other services.

Rehabilitation Services

Live-in and outpatient rehabilitation services help clients overcome addiction.

Citizenship and Immigration Services

Staff advise clients through the many steps of the immigration and naturalization processes. They provide general information, application assistance, and aid in preparing for the citizenship test.

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