About La Cooperativa

La Cooperativa Campesina de California, a 501 c (3) corporation, is the statewide association of agencies implementing and administering farm worker service programs.

Our typical customer is a Hispanic, foreign-born farm worker legally authorized to work in the state on either a temporary or permanent basis. This worker is unemployed for 26 weeks or more, earns less than $7,500 per year, has 6 or years less of schooling, relies on unemployment insurance, does not have health insurance, is married with children, and doesn’t rely on government needs based social service programs such as welfare.

In an occupation dominated by instability and poverty, member agencies help our clients and their communities achieve lasting prosperity and self-sufficiency through education, training, placement, and other supportive services.

Collectively, La Cooperativa Campesina de California member agencies operate more than 80 locally-engaged, bilingual offices. Our involved, collaborative model enables us to gain the trust of rural communities and makes our organization an essential vehicle for rural services delivery.

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