On this Ag Day, La Cooperativa Highlights Over $8 Million in Relief Payments Distributed to California Farm Workers So Far

La Cooperativa works diligently to distribute the funds to more farm workers with over 22,000 applications received in just four months. 

SACRAMENTO, CA (March 21, 2023) – On this “Ag Day”, La Cooperativa Campesina de California announced that they have distributed over $8 million in direct payments to California farm workers as part of the Farm and Food Workers Relief Grant program (FFWR) administered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Through 15 selected organizations nationwide, this program provides a one-time direct relief payment of $600 to qualifying frontline farm, grocery, and meatpacking workers for expenses incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 22,000 farm workers have applied with La Cooperativa member agencies, with an approval rate of 99.6%, meaning those applying are qualifying for this relief.

“La Cooperativa is proud to provide financial assistance to thousands of farm workers in California through the FFWR program,” said Marco Lizarraga, Director for La Cooperativa. “We know that these funds have been a lifeline for many of our farm workers who have been affected by the pandemic, and most recently, are experiencing devastating floods in their communities. We are working diligently to distribute the funds to more farm workers who qualify.”

La Cooperativa is the statewide association of 5-member agencies implementing and administering farm worker service programs throughout California. Collectively, La Cooperativa member agencies operate more than 80 locally-engaged, bilingual offices, with a collaborative model that has enabled them to gain the trust of rural communities and make La Cooperativa an essential vehicle for rural services delivery.

“Our member agencies are dedicated to supporting our clients and their communities in achieving long-term prosperity and self-sufficiency through education, training, job placement, and a range of other supportive services,” emphasized Lizarraga. “We are resolute in our commitment to help as many farm workers as possible, particularly during these challenging times, and encourage those who haven’t applied, to contact La Cooperativa’s member agencies.”

Ag Day is an annual celebration recognizing California’s agricultural community by showcasing the bounty of crops and commodities produced in our state. California, as one of the top agricultural states in the country, has a diverse range of agricultural products, including fruits, nuts, vegetables, dairy, livestock, and more. Ag Day events in California include agricultural exhibits, farm tours, educational programs, and other activities to promote awareness and appreciation of the state’s agricultural industry. 

$600 relief payments continue to be distributed, and La Cooperativa member agencies are working tirelessly to ensure that all eligible farm workers receive the funds. To learn more about the payments for farmworkers, please visit: https://lacooperativa.org/

Additional Information on USDA Farm and Food Workers Relief Grant program: https://www.ams.usda.gov/services/grants/ffwr



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